Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Peace

the hubby noticed my need for a little down time and took the kids to the park for a few hours... so with a few hours of alone on my plate- what do I do....

well, the library was holding a book for me....
the craft store was having a sale on ribbon
(and who can pass up a spool of ribbon?)

the local chocolate shoppe was saving the perfect booth for me

and my knitting got a few new rows.
(the making of fingerless gloves)

the funny thing is no matter how much ME time I was getting, I couldn't wait for my boys to come home. I missed the loud, the running, the silliness, the chatter, the climbing and the hugs. So when they walked in the door I was refreshed and ready for them with some warm chocolate and freshly baked cookies. Oh the weekends are wonderful!
what did your weekend look like?

Odin wanted to share this picture

(his smiley face marshmallows)

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  1. You still need to send me the pattern for the gloves so I can check it out.