Sunday, February 8, 2009

going on a bear hunt

last night, while reading this book. I had an idea for something fun.
I told the boys to find a stuffed bear (you can use a lion, sheep or any animal for that matter)

but, in our case, we used a bear.
The boys found one that they liked, and then I gave them each a little flashlight from our camping gear. We turned off all the lights in the house and I had the boys sit in a "home" area ( for us, the stairs) and they sang the song Going on a bear hunt.

Going on a bear hunt,
going on a bear hunt.
gonna catch a big one,
gonna catch a big one.
I am not afraid, I am not afraid.
are you? are you?
not me! not me!
ready or not we're gonna hunt!

and as they sang the song- I would run to hide the bear someplace in the house so that when the song was over- they could use their flashlights together to find the bear. This then created about a hour or two of "hide and seek" for the boys, and they loved it. so go ahead- give it a try....

you could add to it by building a fort, making smores together, and singing some bear songs. A whole night of family fun!
(if you use a sheep, you could sing little bo peep/ or if you use a dog, you could sing where oh where has my little dog gone/ if you use a lion, you could sing in the Jungle the Lion sleeps tonight.... possibilities are endless, really.
Happy Hunting!

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