Monday, February 9, 2009

handmade with heart

yes, it is valentine's time.... and I thought, with all this craft paper and glue around (thanks to my creative memories days)- let's make them this year. I just couldn't get my mind around the idea of buying some goofy printed cards that will just end up in the trash )come on mom's you know they get thrown away!)
Odin decided to make bookmarks.
So with a sewing machine, heart cut-outs, some card stock and glue, Odin and I made them this afternoon. He took great pride in cutting, pasting and punching out the hearts ( I did the sewing). He made each one with one person in class in mind, individual to each child. It was so sweet. Not to mention the time he and I had together of talking about his friends, and what Valentines day means to him and what he does in school. I have to say, So much better than those store bought cards.

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  1. cute! i dig into my scrappin stash all the time for kid crafts (since I never scrap anymore).