Thursday, February 12, 2009

what will I attempt today...

lets see if I can get it all done.... updates at 11:30pm
~kids making necklaces for teachers and therapists -done

~hearts garland for kitchen and lighting- done
~chocolate cookie dough ( always have on hand for a quick fresh snack)- done
~laundry (that is always lingering)- done, 6 loads and still more.... and who said anything about folding!
~some practice knitting (yesterday an little old woman who had suffered a stroke, showed me an old German technique- that should get me going faster, and not throwing my stitches.)
~two sessions of B's therapeutic listening- done
~piano lessons (4 students today)- done, the only thing on a time schedule
~more valentines for B's class tomorrow.- done all 35 of them.
::I look at this list and think a mother's work is never done, nor is it ever boring::
as the day continues, I will post photos of my accomplishments~wish me luck!

:: I look at this list and think- there is only one thing I didnt do, but instead I went to a Oregon 150th Birthday party with Odin at his school where we met the author of Apples to Oregon and ate Oregon shaped cookies. I would say a fair trade:: goodnight friends- I am so very tired. apparently I have a lot of laundry to fold tomorrow::

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  1. Tif - you inspire me! I took a long weekend from work (off Thursday to Tuesday) and have made myself a list of what I'd like to accomplish today on my only day home alone. Hopefully I will be as successful as you were yesterday.

    Happy Valentine's Day!