Monday, March 9, 2009

a treasure filled day

Yesterday was a great day, in my book. I had a mommy time and and got together with some friends to play in the city.
If you are a Portlander, you must hit CraftyWonderland at least once in your life. Crafters from around the city gather together at the DougFir on the second Sunday of every month. Oh, it is like walking onto crafty heaven. so many creative ideas and neat little treasures. I found a puzzle piece necklace that had a sheet music design- eclectic, recycled, and stylish~ right up my alley.
Lunch was at Old Wives Tale~ mmm, good eats always make company fun, and full.
We then hit an Alberta fabric store, BOLT, and a yarn shop (right next door)~ two favorite stores, a short walking distance.... oh, I could do that. I dont have the name of the shop because I was in a fog of happiness and surrounded by walls of beautiful cotton and wool.... a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

went home with some purchases, as well as refueled to take on the next week. loved every bit of my day with friends and creative ideas.


  1. soo much fun! thanks again. i love my purse!!! and i think the yarn store was called 'close knit'

  2. Lucky... Sounds like a lovely day.