Monday, December 14, 2009

freezer paper painted T-shirts

I got this idea from a fellow blog I follow, and the kids had a blast!
you can get cheap t shirts at selected websites...
we got our organic cotton ones from
but there are other sites as well.

also, I couldn't find freezer paper, so we used contact paper and eliminated the ironing process.
but the instructions are really easy.

trace or draw your design onto the paper.
cut it out ( with exact-o knife)
iron to t-shirt.
use fabric paint, and brush away.
let dry and pull away paper.
wear with pride.

(more precise directions are on Craftster).
The boys made a dolphin, a guitar, and mickey ear shirts- the moment they were dry, they wore them to school.

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  1. What an awesome way to use hanes t shirts! I will need to do that craft with my children some time. I'm sure that they would enjoy it.