Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Merry Christmas from us in Oregon.

We have had an amazing year in 2009 and are excited to see what 2010 will bring us. 2009 was spent slowing things way down, making things much more simpler, and treasuring the moments we are given.... These changes have given us the outlook on life that I feel have made us a better family relationally as well as environmentally.
Bryan is still loving his job with Northwest Motion. He travels just enough to keep the flier miles coming, but is home most of the time. He surprised me with the most relaxing trip (without the kids) to Maui this past September. He has kept the boys busy and active- with evening wrestling and rough housing, as well as encouraging them in sports and team playing. Bryan coached Odin's T-Ball team this past
spring, and may even try it again. It was kinda cool to see the kids run up to him saying " Hi, Coach!". He still plays bass for church- which Bjorn loves to sneak-in to watch him play with the band.... this also means that the boys get to check out the instruments on the stage. Bryan also plays hockey once a week to stay active "with the boys".
Bjorn is in two preschools this year; early intervention and a co-op multi-aged school.
Early in 2009 there was a team of therapists, teachers, and Dr.s that have really advocated for our family with Bjorn and we have seen dramatic changes with his growth in all aspects.
He is a sponge when it comes to learning these days. His gains are growing by leaps and bounds... Bjorn loves to play. He loves to laugh. And he loves music ( this is an understatement).
His sweetness and giggles are infectious and he knows how to get you to laugh. Truly, when I tell people that I am "Bjorn's mom" everyone genuinely smiles at the thought of him.
Odin is now a 1st grader. He is reading everything... Bryan and I cant communicate with spelling things anymore because he figures it out.
Odin is my lover of crafts, science, and games. There isn't a pad of paper or a roll of tape that doesn't get used up fast enough. He is a kindhearted boy that loves to make others smile. I can tell that I may have to keep the girls at bay pretty soon, all the girls at school adore him. He played T-ball in the spring, learned to swim and ride his bike this past summer, and he looks forward to running club and recess at school. At home Odin loves to play checkers, tell knock-knock jokes, and play tinker toys with his brother. He also loves being in the kitchen or snuggles on the couch with me, and wrestle time with his dad.
Now onto me- if you read this blog... there isn't much more to say.... but if you
don't... well..... I am really grateful for this past year. With the help of others, I have been able to finally find time for
myself. I am doing crafts, photography, sewing and knitting. I am also gardening, cooking, and actively pursuing a life of sustainability and simplicity. I am teaching piano lessons to 6 students during the week- and it is in these times of music that I get to keep my teacher toes wet. I also broke my lower leg/ankle in September- that has given me a little limp, but not kept me down.... trust me with two busy boys- I wasn't down long!
We have had some wonderful visits from friends and family this past year- and wish you would think about visiting us as well.

Our door will always be open, our oven warmed, and a place for you will always be welcomed.....
for you are friends, you are family.
Have a Merry Christmas and may we see you soon.


  1. Great to catch up with all your goings-on this past year. CRAZY how much Bjorn looks like you!
    Glad to hear that both boys are thriving! Can't BELIEVE that Grandpa & Grandma haven't started teaching them how to golf or ski yet! LOL
    Have a love-filled 2010!


  2. oh i just love this! Seriously Tif your mad mom skills never cease to amaze me! I can't wait to be a mom of little ones and raise them with such great love! You two were born to be parents!You both make it look so easy and consistantly shine teamwork!Many blessings to you beautiful family this next year!