Sunday, January 31, 2010

birthday weekendings....

I turned 30-something-ish this weekend. oh, ok. I will embrace my exterior age, interior age is much younger (much, much)... I am 38. The boys around here made me feel like the princess in the castle by throwing kisses, loves and "beeps" all day long. Friday night we ate together, and shared a small cake together- the kids were giddy with the idea of cake! (wouldnt you be?) They even brought me flowers (all together now... awwww!)
We stuck with our Nothing New and the dad is repainting and refinishing some banisters, and distressing a HUGE old window that will hang on the wall above the piano. These are the things that I have wanted to get to... but never seem to get that far.... so I cant wait to see how lovely they turn out.
Saturday was a day of "nothing" (I didnt even have diaper duty! all together now....whooowhooo!) where pancakes, sausage and fresh OJ started the inactivity.... I was able to knit a cowl (all day!) and the day ended with me getting out of my pj's at 4, to go hang out with some friends for the evening. ~it really was just right!~
O and I made some cardboard creations ( a TV and radio, complete with batteries and remote) and played a few games of checkers.... and B sang random "Happy Birthday's" all day long. I was treated like the special birthday girl of the house.


  1. so glad it was a happy day for you, friend!

  2. Sounds like it was a nice relaxing day...awesome T.V. by the way :)