Tuesday, January 12, 2010

black and white

I decided to participate in an apron making challenge at Tie one One this season. I don't normally do things like this- but I am always loving my aprons- so why not! right. The theme is Black and White and I have some ideas as to what sort of apron I want to make...
but the fabrics I choose are fun... and that to me is a great start!


  1. Where did you find those prints? My bf is getting married in April and we are making our own bridesmaid dresses in black and white prints. Should be fun though a bit tricky (there are 7 of us!) but those could be a great starting point!

  2. those are so great. i love pretty aprons too!

  3. the pattern that I am using- will have me making two.... when I am done, you can have one!!! because my apron collection has crowded my hooks.... but I just want to keep making them.