Saturday, January 2, 2010

OUR "nothing new" New Year!

we have some friends who have really been an inspiration to us.... they are very like minded and similar to our family, and we genuinely adore them.... these friends have over the past year done a "nothing new new year"- and have shared some wonderful experiences and wisdom with us. They have had such a positive experience that they have decided to go another year.

well, the hubby and I have been conversing, and wondering what that would look like for us.... could we do it? Is it possible with two young and growing boys? What would our experience be like? We have come a long way... but still have much further to go.

first things first for us- was research. The Internet is full of Blogs, Groups and Information that we have tapped into the past few days. The wealth of information and support is remarkable. There is also a wide range of interpretation that need to be defined....

so, in these past few days we have done the research and we feel that our family could really learn from something like this.....
it would be interesting to see what life may teach us in this change.
(to be honest,I'm even a bit giddy about it)

so the next step- What does this look like for our family?
what are our guidelines/exceptions/parameters and reasons.
As with anything in a family, the forums must be set.... the "same page" has to be applied. That, my friends, will be worked over tonight.....
I will keep you posted.

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  1. $70 a week is really low! Good for you. I'm like double that, realistically.