Friday, April 2, 2010

Autism Awareness Day

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.... and for those who know and love someone with autism, we are to wear blue to bring the awareness out to those who do not know how the epidemic is taking our children from us.....
The spectrum is huge~ but the compassion and understanding is not and it is so hard being a mother of a child with autism.....
we deal with a life of hoping on a thin line that our child will one day....
say I love you.
call you mommy.
look into your eyes.
play games with others.
eat real food.
blow a kiss.
throw a ball.
grab your hand.
ride a bike.
drive a car.
have a job.

I know you have all heard 1 in every 110 children will have autism..... and so today, this day....
change is going to happen.
the next generation will understand a child's fits.... a child's yelling.... a child's crying.... no matter the age~ and embrace them for the person they are. Not for what they can do!

My son is on the spectrum.... and he teaches me more each day about life, love and what is really important than I knew the day before....
and I love him more than the world can ever know for that.
His music is my life~and his life is my music!


  1. This is beautiful Tif. I wore my blue today for little B and all those on the spectrum. Though it is hard parenting them, they are truly blessings.

  2. Nice post. I have two people close to me who are on the spectrum too. There have been challenges but plenty of joy too.

  3. "and embrace them for the person they are. Not for what they can do!" What an important lesson for all of us and something we should strive to do for everyone - thanks for this lovely post Tiff - Happy Easter xx