Wednesday, April 21, 2010

by the creek

~two posts in one day...... WOW!~
I promised these pictures last week.......

one of my most favorite subjects to photograph is my littles that bless our home..... the younger little is my challenge to photograph, he is quick, impatient, and does not like to smile when asked....
last week he was playing in our front yard by our itty bitty creek and I knew I had to get some candids while he was playing.
this was probably one of the most photographed moments of his life~ the lighting was great (gotta love the cloudy Oregon sky!) the child was content with water and rocks, and my camera battery was charged!

A day in the life of our littlest bug! ~enjoy!~


  1. Oh what beautiful boy!! Nice pictures...and a creek in your backyard? Nice! :)

  2. the creek actually runs from my front door, along the side of the house, through the back gate and into a pond with a waterfall in the backyard. (can we say... Selling feature of the house when we bought it???)