Friday, April 23, 2010

Science Fair and Waste Free Lunch

so our science fair is tonight, and here is our waste free lunch display....
This was actually really impactful putting together.
I started thinking~
if only 10 families go home and make the changes for waste free lunch,
and they have 2 kids in school~
that is 20 lunches a day saved from our landfill.
20 lunches multiplied over a years time is
1,340 pounds of waste diverted.

We have a school of 710 kids..... I believe that 10 families is actually low anticipation.....
but, still~ a difference.

the cute thing about my son and I putting this together was just the shock that he had when he figured out that kids actually threw away their lunches..... He has never even thought "trash goes into lunch".... he almost got as passionate as I did!
shocking isn't it!

all the stats based on class wide and school wide

These glass containers will be filled with lunch trash (one with 6 ounces, the other with a pound)~ as I am off to dig in the dumpster of the school....oh the joys! and then I will also have some waste-free examples of what a lunch could look like....

not to bad for 6 pieces of paper, 3 glass jars, a calculator, a display board and one night of cut and paste!


  1. Wow, This is so impressive. I think you will get more than 10 families participating in this. Your display is great and very informative. Good luck!

  2. Very cool, Tif. I can't wait to hear the outcome.

  3. The display looks great !