Thursday, April 1, 2010

Updates~ Nothing New and One Small Change

Nothing New
:: I tighten my lips a bit as I write this......
we did "okay" in not buying anything new, as well as Murphy's Law still applies in all ways. Murphy this month had another broken lamp and a destroyed wool rug (thanks to a dog who was sick~ yes, gack!). But.... and it is a small "but" ...I did buy two things.... I bought some really cute re-purposed mittens from a local artisan (originally priced at $40~ for only $6.50) made from old sweater sleeves (how can one pass that up!) ...and if you think about (here comes the justification) they are not really new.

and I bought a new basket for our shoes.... the other shoe basket was having thick dangerous wires hang out of it ( and basket are super cheap this week~ for $9)
~ So if I wanted to I could put this under the health and safety exception (but I wonder if that is a justification!~ I mean, I could easily justify chocolate as a health and safety measure.... every woman needs chocolate, right?!?)

so, three months in to our Nothing New and even with these two purchases~ I feel that we have really done our best to stick to the plan.... now lets see what April will bring!

One Small Change
The Electricity and computer commitment has gone well (from February) we still have a technology sabbatical once a week and the computer is only on twice and then shut down. TV is rarely on~ although Netflix sent me my Glee this week (and I love My Glee!)..... but a movie here and there is still within the limits (smile!).

This March's change was one that has really impacted me.... and has already created a huge change in our local school. After meeting with the staff at school we have many plans underway and progress is being created each day. A garden is planned (and I am starting afterschool "green kids" program where the kids will help in making the garden and compost); a silverware donations program is started~ to replace plastic forks in the cafeteria; a "No Idle Zone" is being considered in front of the school; an Earth day Assembly is planned (they are collecting milk cartons and plastic waste that the school puts out... and setting up on a stage for all to see what we could be recycling... and are not); Parents have been asked to join in an ECO TEAM- where we will educate and give other options to what is done in school and at home...
it is all so exciting~ this could really take off!

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  1. Congratulations. You have made great changes. Love what you are doing at your school. We have an "Idle-free" zone in front of our school. Most people have accepted it and turn off their cars. It's good and what an easy thing to do for the environment!