Thursday, June 3, 2010

heavy panting....

baby pants, that is.... they are so small, so fun, and so easy!
so lets all pant away in this "warmer" weather.

I say that because we are having some rain ( ok, not some... but a TON!).
these are my "buttonbacks" pants. The great thing about this pattern is there is elastic waist band to go with the ever expanding baby tummy, lots of Booty room for the cloth diapers, and flexibility in length. "buttonbacks" are size-less. They can be worn long to start, but as the baby grows they become capri, and then shorts.
Both my boys have had pairs of these for years ( B had a pair that he wore from 18 months till he was 4) .... that is why I love giving them as gifts.....
it just keeps on giving.
and the prints are always fun, vibrant, and cute. These pants go great with a simple white onesie.
(and yes, I still have baby on the brain!)


  1. I've been envious that you get to make all this baby stuff but FINALLY one of my friends just declared she's pregnant so woo hoo I can make some cute baby stuff too!!!

  2. oh goodie!!!! I get to watch you make fun stuff!!!! we get to play "auntie" together!