Friday, July 23, 2010

a boy, a walk and a camera!

We let Odin start using one of our small old cameras....
just to give him some creative outlet in photography

he went on a 15 minute hike with his dad and brother~ and he came home with over 200 photos.
215 photos of plants, trunks, rocks, beetle bugs, houses, license plates, self portraits, feet... and anything else he thought of.

His dad said that the camera was clicking no-stop.
( gee, I think I have made an impression!)

here are some of the creative shots (and some "what was he thinking" shots) he took.....
he wanted to get a picture of a fish for me... this is the only one he could find.
shoes.... and a pose!
"beetle bug"

self portrait
dad's booty!
the creek

the bridge

moral to the story~ if you have an old camera lying around, give it to someone little, they just might surprise you!


  1. We bought a little digital camera for our eldest boy last Christmas . After a lot of talk about wanting a DS , Laptop , Wii , etc (no chance !) he was so excited by the camera & it has been a real hit with him . He took it to church on Christmas morning & was snapping away . He even got some "aerial shots" from the choir stall !I love seeing the world through his eyes .

  2. Love the photos and glad you are having such a great time - keep relaxing xx