Wednesday, July 28, 2010

what a life I live....

We have been taking each day as it comes....
and each one has a little surprise to it, that when my head hits the pillow I say,
"what a great day today was"
Tour de Coops
... Portland's chicken coops open for all to see!
O had his scooter, and I my walking shoes....
we didnt see many coops, but we saw some that had me ready to learn more and start my own.
not to mention it was a day together with my oldest~ just him and I.

Oregon Brewers Festival
The city's waterfront, the sunshine, and many selections of beer! who could ask for more????

the kids got free "root beer" a special treat that actually was really really good ( did I mention really really good!).... we met some friends there and had a great time relaxing under a tree.
my little future rock star... watching the music.
...milking his root beer.
eyes on the waterfront.
cheesy brothers!
good times!

and some stay at home fun as well......
I told you,
definitely worth saying "what a great day"


  1. The more I hear about Portland the more I like it - Tour de coops, what a fantastic idea!! :D

  2. Oh, I missed tour de Coops, darn it!!!! I am still curious about it too, especially because my neighbors have them in their front yard and I see them daily.