Thursday, August 12, 2010

dragons fly!

yes, yes they do!
we have had an abundance of these creatures in our yard all summer.... more than I can remember of years past..... red ones, blue ones, green and even silver.... they are gliders through the sky.

as I mentioned previously, we are in some serious dragon imagination this summer. O was given this red dragon last summer from an aunt (on her travels home from England) and this toy has taken on a whole new life this season.
O mentioned, a few weeks ago, about how he would love to have a pillow with a dragon like toothless ( from these books/ and like his toy).
of course, I surprised him today with one done in his favorite colors. green eyes like toothless, drawn like his doll.... and it was on his bed when he came home from camp today.

I heard...
"oh mom, oh mom, this is like Christmas in the summer time. I love it!"
and I beamed with a smile saying "I love you more than you love the pillow."
he says" I know you do." and he ran off to play with the pillow outside.

"the doll and pillow meet for the first time.....

and become fast friends."


  1. That is so cute! Story and cushion :D

  2. May have to steal that idea for another "How to Train Your Dragon" fan !