Friday, August 6, 2010

going on a snake hunt

yes, you read that right.
a snake hunt.

i am sure you are thinking, "oh, tif... you are such an awesome mom to take O on a snake hunt... knowing the snakes makes your inside curl up and clinch for dear life, and your heart rate races to get the heck out of town"

well, I didn't go.... but I did LET him go!
we have a neighbor friend who is ( as O would see it) the Bear Grylls of our neighborhood. This friend can find a snake in any environment... a frog in any hidden crevice, and a lizard under any rock. He is the nature guru that O got to go on a hunt with yesterday.
with a camera and water bottle in hand~ they set out for a morning of hunting.... and O came home with story after story about his great day of snake hunting.


  1. My first thought when reading the title was of the day we were setting up for services and there was a snake under a chair in the auditorium I had never seen you run so fast in my life!!!

  2. big laughs Meg~ remember how small it was! and how adamant I was about not going around it!!!
    as I was writing this was a time when Craig Stubs (as a teenager) brought in a large snake in a bag, and it slithered in anger, with toothless chomping, across the table..... I practically ran at full speed and passed out by the doors.