Wednesday, October 20, 2010

its time to "leaf"

we are cutting the big tree down.
he is huge!!!! he is beautiful....
and he is a bit "shady".

hahaha! I knew I could pull that joke off!
well, the reasons why he is going is due to the fact that he sheds 9 months out of the year.... whether it be sticky sap, spinning seedlings, or leaves~ gravity always wins!
He is 30 years old- at least.... and has grown a great deal over the past 6 years.

He shades the entire backyard. so much so that our garden and fruit tress dont get as much sun as they need to get.
so tomorrow the "guys" are gonna get the saws out and chop... chop... chop.

the good news of it all...
it's trunk will become a fun tree house.
it will allow us to plant more fruit producing trees in the yard.
and we will have plenty of firewood!
so dont cry for the tree~ he will "leaf" behind some great memories.


  1. Sorry you'll lose a tree but it sounds like it had to go!

  2. trust me... the plans that we have to live without it are awesome... we are going to double/maybe triple our garden area, build a space for a chicken coop and more!