Thursday, October 7, 2010

Movie Night

The littles are out of school tomorrow....
so we invited some friends over for a movie night tonight!
Odin made the invitations complete with the information below

we will be showing:
remember this movie???
popcorn and hand shaped pretzels.

kids will be bringing:
PJ's, a blanket, and their favorite stuffy.

moms will be enjoying:
some vodka filled drinks in the other room
this info was left out of the invite.... but still necessary!

The event starts at 6!
pictures will follow....


  1. Hilarious! Are you okay to watch Benji? Hope your family is healing. I'll have a vodka here in Utah just for you!

  2. Vodka with a splash of Trader's sparkling limeade and OJ ~it is the weekday drink for moms!

    Jen, I didnt think about that.... but, actually the kids did really well watching it.... you forget about how funky 70's movies are!