Wednesday, December 1, 2010

after school education- week 5. Consumption

right before Christmas....
we are going to share the story of stuff.

LOOPS SCOOPS happiness video...
PBS has some great videos that really make in impact... the happiness video is really cute!

hopefully this will open ideas and discussions about what the difference between wants and needs are... and how we can make changes in a simple and small way.

as a gift from us to our new GREEN kids they will get this book

This session has been a lot of fun for me to teach.... I hope the kids have enjoyed it too... I know it it not basket weaving, or lego building~ but maybe just one kid has decided to make a difference.


  1. We love 'the story of stuff' - Jack took it into school to show everyone a couple of years ago just reminded me that it is probably time to do it again! This is an inspirational thing you have been doing Tif - you should be mighty proud of yourself! xxx

  2. thanks Em. and you know, I am pretty proud. But your encouragement sure feels good to my soul.