Monday, December 27, 2010

Our shared times this Advent Season

yes, I know it is later than anticipated.
With the horrid pneumonia (and hard coughing) being suffered in the house.... we focused on wellness this season~ but still made time for family togetherness and shared love. Advent for us was a good time among the "yuckies" that we were feeling. It particularly gave O something to get out of bed for, and an anticipation of some sort of surprise.
The activities were simple. The time was valuable. The moments were treasured.

Week 2 Advent Activities
day 6:: pipe cleaner ornaments
day 7:: Talent Show ( Odin told jokes, Bjorn played the drums)
day 8:: a game of SORRY
day 9:: cookie dough (nothing beats a warm cookie from the oven)
day 10:: Drive to Seattle. milkshakes and Beasley's
day 11:: Dance party with Christmas Music
day 12:: light the candle and ornament the tree

Week 3 Advent Activities
day 13:: night walk (in the rain, with umbrellas)
day 14:: Advent Puzzle that my dad made from years past.
day 15:: Clay day
day 16:: Ginger Bread Men
day 17:: Holiday Piano Recital
day 18:: Made Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate for neighbors.
day 19:: drive around town finding homes with millions of lights

Week 4 Advent Activities
day 20:: write Santa letters
day 21:: Candy Making
day 22:: A Charlie Brown Christmas Night
day 23:: a visit with Santa
day 24:: a trip to the movie theater ( TANGLED was the movie of choice)

(photos will be added as soon as I get time to download and set up.... you know how it is!)

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  1. What a great way to remember the season! Hope the household is healing!