Sunday, January 30, 2011


now that is a lot of candles.....

things this 39 year old has learned about herself.
1. 39- no matter what I thought at 19- 39 is really not THAT old.
2. my knees hurt- all the time.
3. I have the coolest grey streak of hair on the left side of my head.
4. Having grey hair is actually embraceable.
5. It is ok to not make the bed for a few days.
6. Socks are just fine being unmatched.
7. Shoes are overrated.
8. When you want a nap- take one!
9. Laughing out loud is not only good for you- it relieves all sorts of stress.
10. Laughter is contagious.
11. Friendships are unmeasurable.
12. Fresh air cold air feels good on your face.
13. Creating things with your hands ( knitting, crafting, cooking etc) is amazing for your soul.
14. Loving is better than being loved.
15. a Smile can change the world.
16. Be yourself- and never make an excuse for who you are.
17. There is always something to learn to make improvements.
18. Life is short lived- make the most of it.
19. Everything is better when shared with those around you.
20. It is never about money.... NEVER!
21. Call your mother often.
22. Always take a trip by yourself.... for yourself.
23. Never forget to hold your kids hands..... no matter how old they are.
24. Embrace the life you have- and celebrate!
25. Be thankful!
26. Never be afraid to say the truth.
27. Listen... really.... Listen.
28. Dance (shake the booty you were born with!)
29. I dont know everything (shhhh! dont tell the boys!)
30. I will never twitter.
31. I will walk- but never run!
32. I will persevere.
33. I am whole.
34. I like who I am.
35. I will never stop giving.
36. I will move forward.
37. I will love more.
38. I will grow more.
39. I will blow out my candles.... knowing my wish was granted.


  1. love, love, love this post!! happy birthday!

  2. Fantastic list Tif - wonderful! Hope you had a happy, happy birthday, big birthday hugs my friend xxxx

  3. Belated happy birthday ! Can relate to lots of your list (a fellow 39 year old...) x