Monday, January 24, 2011

a space to play

in progress.

in the season of New Year.... we all start to remove what may clutter or take away from what we long to have in simplicity....
I do the same.

What I have really wanted is to create a space to call my own. When crafting... it is usually at the dining room table (as seen in this picture here...and many other crafting posts) If I am not at the table- I have this tiny sewing table, and that ledge by my bedroom window, as seen here. As you can see that area is cluttered, disorganized and a tad bit unromantic for a master bedroom. So January has been a time to design and set up a "play space" for me and "my toys"!

It has required me to move some furniture. To remove some pieces. To throw a lot away, and to donate even more. But it is shaping up....
dont you think?
that reddish fabric covering the tubs will become a "skirt" for the side of the table.... I would like to embroiderer a little "stitching" on it for some added fun! something similar to this or maybe this ..... there is still some wall space for some on my mom's samplers she is sending me (yep mom, I have room for them... see!) and I would love to make one of theses too!
and of course wall of decoration would not be complete with some art from the boys. This one is Bjorn's watercolor from the other day. Titled "to infinity and beyond"
can you guess what we are into these days????
and this one of my favorites by Odin (circa 2009) it is a family portrait under a rainbow. If you look, the tall figure is me and I have 13 babies in my tummy.....
the only thing I can say to that is "uff-duh!"

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