Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a little Fiber

as they always say- a dose of daily fiber is always good for you.

a few weeks back there was a drawing of sorts on Soule Mama.... and a link to this amazing yarn of a shop on Etsy, Knit It Up. I couldnt resist.....
I couldnt (especially since I have a bit of birthday money in my wallet).
now, my mind is churning as to what to make with this beauty.
I have seen some girls lately with some great wide, long, side curling scarfs lately....
that might be fun????
and maybe even this pattern.....
make it about 8 inches wide, and 90ish inches long.... and with fat needles.
I am gonna try and find a solid blue wool to double it with.
let see what I come up with.
but until then..... what fibers fill your daily rations?

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