Thursday, March 17, 2011

it is a day of green.

the tradition continues....
March 16th the kids and I bake coin shaped sugar cookies together.
we leave two out on the porch...
do a little leprechaun dance.
" turn around, touch the ground
turn around, jump up and down (repeat)
flap your hands like a chicken
flap your arms like a duck (repeat)
turn around, touch your chin
turn around, blow kisses to the wind "(repeat)
O reenacting the movements to the song- "look at how high he can jump!"

this dance calls out the leprechauns and they see the cookie coins and trade them for real gold ones. Both boys still marvel at the fact that these little green men are tricked into thinking a cookie is better than a gold coin. Silly green men.
it is fun things like this that makes a day of green~ bright!
happy st. patrick's day.

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  1. You know, St Patrick's day just flew by without me noticing. You have such a nice tradition!