Thursday, March 24, 2011

my boy is a rising star

The Interpretive Nature Center, here in Beaverton, has a nature camp during Spring Break and over the Summer. Odin loves to attend these camps~ they are great!
He had a few days there this week, and yesterday, he was on TV.
KPTV Morning News Team was there to do a segment on Spring Break activities....

my sweet boy is the one, about 35 seconds in, waving and smiling at the camera, in the black shirt.... you cant miss him.... even if you tried.

and for the record- this smile, the one he has during this recording, is a rare one.... and my favorite.

yep, He is really camera shy, cant you tell!


  1. How gorgeous! (and totally camera shy!!!) LOL

  2. hey lady! look at your superstar! Go Oregon, we are local too!