Thursday, April 14, 2011

Autism Awareness Month

This was today's facebook post.....

Bjorn has taught me to see life simply. To live without expectation, to love unconditionally, to see things differently,and to cherish the moment for what it is.... my world changed, my heart grew and it makes all the difference in the world. He is the spark that lit a fire~ that burns like the North Star... leading me.
~I love someone with Autism~

I know in this blog I dont mention it much.... nor do I dwell on it either.
But the numbers are changing and the awareness is happening.......
1 in 110 children are affected.
1 in 70 of boys.

The looks, the stares, the lack of understanding, the shaking of heads by adults as they look on~ just the other day a simple trip to Speech Therapy resulted in a fit of hysterics because it was cancelled due to an electrical emergency..... The PGE dude, who was giving the news, backed away as if my son was possessed when the outburst occurred.

as a parent.....
All I want him to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I want him to know how remarkable I think he is. How much I believe in him. How his world has no limits. How my world lights up when he enters the room.
and I know...
he knows.

we may not have eye contact. we may not have voluntary language. we may not have the arms of a hug.....
but we have our hearts.
we have our family.
and we have our love.
that, my friends, wins over Autism..... ALWAYS!


  1. Way to go Tif! You rock xx (and so does he!!)

  2. Ps - will you come and find me on FB - I looked for you but it was being unhelpful! xx