Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a winner!

I had a winner....
who in turn never contacted me back.
so in the spirit of giving this pillow away- I had another drawing.

so, now....
I have another winner... picked randomly by Odin with names in a hat.
and I am not surprised....

Meg Sager....
come on down, your the next contestant on the... (oh wait.... my bad..... this is not a game show!)

Miss Meg- I have your info, and the pillow is on its way.
thanks to all the people who showed interest....
this was fun!
I think I will be doing it again.


  1. Too late to enter but wanted to say congratulations on your 400th post! Thats a biggy! Gorgeous giveaway - lucky Meg :D

  2. Hurray for me, hurray for me!!! I would like to thank my best friend Tiffany, her sons Odin and Bjorn and my adorable little girl Ellie....oh wait this was random not an achievement....oops. I am so excited I will post a picture of where it finds a home in our home. Can't wait to hear more about the cruise! Love you and miss you!