Thursday, October 13, 2011


This past weekend we collected a few friends and went out to Lincoln City for the kite festival.... we camped in yurts and had the most fun together. The kids all enjoyed fishing, the coast, biking, salt water taffy etc.
it is probably one of the first times I have ever camped and felt that the whole weekend was perfect (even with the rain). The kids all got along. The food was in plenty. I was able to enjoy each moment for what it was~ a family time with friends and relaxation.

so for the rest of this week I am posting some great photos of our time together.
These are of a morning of fishing at the docks.
focused on the task at hand~ Odin and Madeline

a newbie among us. Josh and Sadie

three peas in a pod. the best of friends.

kids oblivious to the cold... the adults bearing it.

when we are near water- one must touch it!

smiles from Drew

getting in close~ Bjorn and Sadie

one of my favorites~ little B and Bunny

oh yea... and what we were really there for~ the fishing!
look at that smile!!! can you tell he had fun.....

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  1. That looks so much fun (even if it was cold!) - the photo with the fish is just wonderful! xx