Monday, October 3, 2011

working on.


you name it.....
I've got my hands always doing a little something creative....
and right now, my hands are full (I say with great joy!)

I agree with many... that autumn weather brings out the longing for hot chocolate and knitting but in my mind, nothing says Fall like sewing flannel PJ's....
(having kids in school has really been a huge help in me accomplishing these creative outlets)
"cookies and milk"
and "yurtle turtle", wrinkled from being worn last night.

so please share... what do you have your hands on???


  1. My Educational Law book....that class is leaving me little time for recreation...only 9 more classes

  2. you can do it Meg!!!! and one day (it took me 7 years) but one day you will be able to have your hands full of recreational crafting..... tis your season now of studying (oh lucky you!)