Monday, November 21, 2011

its a party

now your wondering... a party.... but the boys are all spring babies......
well... they are. but this birthday party was for dogs.
no... literally....
for the dogs.

Cider, along with her litter siblings and mother, were saved from a pretty bad situation on neglect.... and were rescued (the pups were 10 weeks old) and adopted out.
All of the lucky families have stayed in contact and the pups are turning a year old this next week on November 28th....
so they threw a party.
a dog party.
a dog birthday party.
(my first dog birthday invite ever!)

We all met at Hazeldale Dog Park.... and let all 5 of them run around and enjoy the life of being together in an open/fenced field. It was amazing to see all of them together again.... they are all such beautiful and sweet dogs.
Gracie (mom) watched on as the others played.

of course a party is not complete without a puppy cupcake (with a beef stick for a candle- mmmmm... sure, mmmm.)

Happy 1st Birthday Harlow, Montana, Harper, and Cider!


  1. Absolute best thing I've seen all day!

  2. They're all such beautiful dogs! What a fun story with a great ending for all of these puppies.