Friday, November 18, 2011


I love him. He is to me the overall example of enthusiasm, goodness, kindness, love... and compassion. I have always loved him.

As a young girl I wanted him on Sesame street and the Muppet Show.
like this clip~ which still to this day brings a great smile to my being (especially the ending!)

I remember singing the Rainbow Connection with my best friend in high school, Jiffy, on a rainy day, just goofing around together....
(like this one with Debbie Harry)

I wrote a whole paper on Jim Henson in the 1990's for a college assignment on Inspiration.....
In my 20's, as I traveled abroad..... my friend gave me a Kermit to take along with me.... and that Kermit still sits in my room, by my craft table.... some 20 years later....

then weezer did this fantastic video (which gets watched by the kids weekly!) We love weezer, and we love the muppets..... so you can imagine how cool this video is to us.

and OkGo did this recently~ which is hilarious!

and just today I heard this beautiful song "Life is a Happy Song" with Flight of the Conchords
"Life's a Taco!"
I tell ya..... that a great song! so sweet, happy, and optimistic!

when one says she loves Kermit.... I mean it! really mean it.
so if you ask... are you going to see the movie?
I have to answer... yes! yes.... yes I am!
no matter how stupid, lame, or silly it is...... yes, I AM!
hope you, too, have a happy weekend.

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