Friday, January 27, 2012

Soup Swap.

 I have this friend....
and she always has the greatest ideas.
last year~ it was a Thursday Soup Night... 
every Thursday (in winter), she would make a huge pot of AWESOME soup and had a standing invitation to friends and neighbors to share in this soup together.  It was great~ I looked forward to Thursdays every week... not just for the soups, but for the time together with all sorts of people..... 
I told you, the greatest ideas!!!!

This time she pulled together some ladies for a soup swap.
everyone made 8 quarts (1 quart jars each)of one soup.
and we swapped!

 that easy.
that awesome.
and I went home with 8 jars of soup... (not to mention a night out with the girls!)..... each soup was different, full of deliciousness, and done!

you know. you wish. you were me right now!

just look at my happy refrigerator!


  1. I see an Apple Valley jam jar!!

    What a great idea. I wish I could eat soup that often.... but alas, I get too sick of it!

    1. yes... you do... and it is my last one!!!! looks like a road trip may be in order.