Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet Dream Dust

little B has been having nightmares....
bad ones.
He already struggles with high sensory issues~ while being awake.... now while he sleeps as well.  There have been nights where he has his fingers jammed deep into his ears while sleeping.... The little guy hears things~ that most of us have no idea.  But these nightmares are more about sounds, than about dreams.  I think his dreams are more in sounds.... than say vivid colors or even stories.

His dreams have been so bad these past weeks that he wont even fall asleep in his room anymore.... he falls asleep in my bed, and then we take him into his room when we are ready to sleep.  Usually by 2am he is running in fearful tears and screams, with fingers in his ears, down the hall to our room..... where I scoop him up and attempt to soothe him, calm him, and remove his fingers from his ears.
 This soothing can take up to 3 hours....
leaving the two of us (sometimes 3 of us) exhausted and starting a full day.....

last night, after many failed attempts to get him to fall asleep in his room... I had an idea.

"Bjorn, mommy has some very secret, magic dust.... that I have not used in a long time.  do you want to know what it is...."
"well, its an old secret sweet dream dust that is used for little babies.... to help them sleep.  How about mommy sprinkle some in your room and on your pillow, and it will help you fall asleep and bring you sweet dreams"
the tears stopped. and he had the look of anticipation.....
"go find it mommy- go find it!"

I ran to my cabinet and found some Burts Bees baby powder... (some super old stuff from when my littles were tiny littles).  I came into his room, and began lightly squeezing the dust from the container... clouds filled the air above his bed....
"oh mommy, sweet dream dust smells good!"
and he laid down. I kissed his forehead and I prayed for a good nights sleep.

I had my first full night's sleep last night, in two weeks.... and we are more refreshed today than we have been in a long time.
Sweet Dream Dust.... is going to become a part of the nightly routine for while!

side note.... keep a handle of your sweet dream stuff... because if they get into little hands~ something like this may happen.... (side note- mommy was sick and in bathroom for a little bit...)


  1. Oh Tif that sounds so exhausting! I hope your magic dream dust continues to do the trick...I used a similar idea with a magic pillow spray (distilled water and a little lavender oil) it worked great and my two still love it to help them sleep...

  2. You are a genius! I too home it continues to do the trick. I also agree that lavender might help. I had a lavender balm that I rubbed on my temples awhile back and I remember loving it- it really was soothing. Also, you could make one of those microwavable lavender pillow thingies- the heat plus the scent might be nice.

    Good luck!