Friday, March 23, 2012


I love craft books..... it is a bad bad bad thing when I go to bookstores and find books that "i have to have"...
I don't do it often... but when I do....I come home with a few great finds.

I love Scandinavian craft books...  It is even worse worse worse when I find a book that highlights Scandinavian arts and crafts.

I was (honestly) at the bookstore looking for a Dr. Seuss book... (really, I was!) when I came across these three great books (on my way to the children books.... I swear!)... and they were on sale!!!!
so, I flipped through them,
decided they were a great addition to my collection,
and purchased them.... (forgetting I was there to buy a children's book.... oppsies!)

when I got home.... I found that I had already owned one (of course!)
so it is now being given to you!
You, my lucky friend, have the opportunity to gain the same obsession over craft books as I do....

with this book~ Kajso Wikman's Scandinavian Stitches

look at all the fun crafts in it.
this quilted bowl (which sell for mucho dollars on ETSY!)
and this super cute clothesline picture~ which would be a great 
addition to your laundry room or entry space.

 and many more great ideas ( complete with patterns).

You have two ways to win this book.
1. FOLLOW my blog ( just click FOLLOW to the right of this post)
2. answer the question below in the comments section of this post.

your answer can be anything... really...from books (like me) to free samples put out for customers.

the winner will be chosen from a random generator at noon on Monday.
I just know~ your gonna love this book!


  1. Cookbooks...if I get chosen, pass it on to someone else...I don't sew :) Hope your Spring is shaping up to be fantastic! Love you friend!

  2. I can never pass up a comfy solid t-shirt...or most things on the little girls clearance rack @ Target :)

  3. I can't pass up so many things...books, fabric, vintage plates, yarn, afternoons with friends, excuses not to do the ironing......I'll keep my fingers crossed, that book looks gorgeous! :D

  4. Ps I just followed your blog - I'm sure I had done it before...but anyway I am for sure now! :D

  5. i really like to collect stationary, pens, pencils, books.,

    k_rampersad03 at yahoo dot com

  6. I'm a follower!

  7. I can't pass up a good vintage sheet!

  8. Haha. I collect the same kinds of books and I too have accidentally bought duplicate books before! Glad to know I'm not alone....

    I have this book too and it really is a good one!

    BTW, I have many craft books that I am going to get rid of, I'll email you a list and see if you want any of them before I do.

    1. oh~ absolutely!!! would love that!