Tuesday, March 20, 2012

knit this.

at night when the kids sleep... I knit.
Lately I have been knitting cute little eggs.....
they take me about an hour to fully knit up~ and the sense of accomplishment... is worth it!

I just use cotton multi colored yarn, and size 7 double pointed needles.
I follow this pattern by curly purly ( but at the start of  decrease- I change up the directions... instead of a SSK, k2tog.... I k2tog, knit one, k2tog, knit rest~ and repeat on all needles.)

super easy peasy!
and really cute.

I am even thinking of knitting a bunch of white ones and getting a little wire rooster basket (similar to this one)... for a summer table centerpiece
( my mom had one when we were kids that had little wooden eggs in it~  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... does it!?!)  

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  1. Super cute! Now I just wish I could knit....or sew...or really do anything with yarn/string :)