Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my garden

look at all that open space to fill next year....

The spring project has been completed.... as the playgym and swings were removed...
they were cut down in sections, and everyone pitched in.
The plan (next spring) is to build raise beds in the area and extend the size of our garden space.... almost three times larger!

Our chickens were given a space to roam, but our chicken wire was to low for two birds... who "flew the coop" many times throughout the days... not to mention the dog that could leap over it to share in the game of "Run Chicken Run" or a snack of cracked corn and clippings.  Bryan had to double the size of the chicken wire~ and so now it is not as much a chicken pen... but more like a state pen(itentiary).

visiting hours are from sun up to sun down
The sun has been shining, and the rains have been falling~ which have been great fuel for the garden.  It has flourished over the past few weeks....
We have had quite a few salads full of our garden greens.... and the peas get snacked on before they reach the back door.  O has been known to sit near the vines and just pick and eat (the little turkey!).

things are green and looking great!
ahhhh.... I love my garden.

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