Friday, June 29, 2012

Prepping for Yosemite

This is the week before....
so things need to get organized.
cleaned (meeting the anti bear standards.... not a crumb or scent of food is to be in the car or trailer).
and all in order.

 I have researched and learned all about what this wonderful little spot in nature is going to be like.  Odin, as part of his summer homework, has started a journal and documentation of highlights in the valley.  One thing is for sure.... we are all excited.

I want to share with you one of the things I did.... 

I sorted out the food per meal type ( I even made fun labels for each bag).  Unfortunately, having a child with special dietary needs~ I cannot be certain what sort of foods I will find there... so I have to bring more than I really want to.

Breakfast stuff ( in one bag)
Lunch Items ( in another)
Dinner (done the same way)

I organized the ice chest the same way.
Breakfast stuff to the right, Lunch stuff in the middle and Dinner to the left.

I did this because all of the food and toiletry items have to be stored in the bear lockers.... for our safety (and the bears).  We are to keep our lockers closed and locked at all times~ those bears are tricky little guys when it comes to sharing a few treats.
I want to be able to get into the locker, grab our meal items, close it up... and move on.  I dont want to be digging around looking for things, and getting in and out, in and out.....

This trip is one that we have never done before- so I may be a little over prepared.... but, once this trip is under our belts.... we will be wiser.
I will let you know how the system worked....

so until we return~  I will say
Happy Vacationing....
take care... and, please, have a safe 4th of July!

See you soon!


  1. Right on! Sounds like an excellent trip and being so organized will pay off!!! Have fun!

  2. Hi friend! Hope you are well! Miss you around these parts!