Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a boys trip~ and Carpe Diem

The past few days my bigger boys....
got to experience a once in a lifetime weekend.

We have been shopping for a new car....
one that hubby can drive for work.
He found one that was 2 years old, and only 30 miles on it.

the catch:: the car was in Kansas City.

we could have had the car shipped.... 
OR (and that is a pretty big OR)
we could fly out~ and drive it back ( taking 4 days of work off, spending $ in tickets, hotels and food)
but~ only one would change a child's life.

We found some super cheap plane tickets... packed up a few things....
and dad and our oldest little went on a last minute road trip~ seeing some fascinating things on the return home.

Mount Rushmore.
The Black Hills.
Old Faithful.
Yellowstone Park.
The famous Wall Drug Store.

I can say that I think this was the first time EVER I have been jealous of a 9 year old.  This was huge for the two "men" as they spent 4 days together... talking. laughing. and just being boys.

Why this trip was important (to me) for my son to experience....
two reasons.

1.  Odin did a 6 week report on Mount Rushmore last year... and he loved working on it.  I thought, how great would it be for him to experience that actual Monument that he grew so fond of while working on the report.  Kinda like~ the fruits of his labor.

2. If you ask most people.... the summer between 3rd and 4th grade... that's the summer that you have vivid memories.... you remember, talk about, and shape your life on these experiences.  I knew that this time, with his dad, and this road trip... would be something that he would value for the rest of his life.  I couldn't pass this up. Carpe Diem~ my dad would always say!

tomorrow... after I get the photos off the hubby's phone... I will post about their time they had together.
stay tuned... there are some neat ones!

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  1. So fun! I am a big fan of sacrificing materialistically here and there to make memories that will not only last a lifetime, but shape a life. I'm sure that Odin will remember and treasure that time forever. And, I am now jealous of a 9 year old too! :)