Friday, November 16, 2012

Just Ribbon

So I went to the craft store for just ribbon.
Plain and simple... go in, grab the color I need... and get out.
but, wait...
there's yarn over there.
and some buttons over this way.
Next thing I know I am flipping through my books for a pattern that will work with this fun bulky yarn I just bought.
48 hours later~I have this cute new accessory to wear.

I'm happy....all smiles.
but, now I realize.... I forgot to get my ribbon.
Darn it.
Can someone please come with me and hold my hand as I go to get "just ribbon" this time.


  1. There is a joke in this house... that's not very funny... that every "yard of fabric" I go in to buy ends up costing me $50. It's a genetic defect I inherited from my mother :)

  2. I sooo understand how that've seen my stash!! Good luck with getting the ribbon :D