Tuesday, November 6, 2012


my mom has been in town, and we have been playing...
with the kidlets in school~
I have been having a great time just walking around with her,
sharing stories and just being.
that also means I am away from the blog.... (are you feeling deprived of my attention?!?!)

that said.....
knowing that she and I were not always the best of friends....
nor did we have the "Gilmore girls" type of relationship.
I was not the sweetest of daughters ( shocking... I know!!!!)
I was never able to see beyond myself as a teen.... (really, who does?!?! right???)
and sometimes I look back and realize how horrid and disrespectful I was ( once again... shocking!)

but our relationship.... one day.... and I remember that day... like it were yesterday.
one day, in a hotel room... in the San Francisco Bay area....
about 17 years ago....
there was an afternoon spent in tears.
spent in openness.
spent in forgiveness.
spent in true listening.
there was a moment~ a moment that changed our lives.
We became mother and daughter.
We became friends.

making visits like the one we just had.....
wishing it didn't have to end.

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  1. It is true grace to see relationships change over time :) Glad you are having a beautiful time!