Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

What a day!
We started talking about it the night before.... we wrote the plan on the chalk board to make sure we had smooth transitions and no mix-ups about what was to be expected of everyone.
To my surprise... the night went very well.
I figured out that I hate touching pumpkin goo... and so does my mom.
We had very little rain... which brought out all the kids trick or treating ( probably one of the best turn-outs of kids in a few years!)  It was a blast!

Volcano Bjorn

Jedi Odin

B and O were trick-or-treating together for about 45 minutes, and then O headed out for a Harvest Party. This left B and I going back out door- to-door.  B lasted for about an hour more, and he was hilarious!
I have never seen anyone so excited and structured before.  He knew the routine...
1. look for lights on. (if there is a car in the driveway~ that was a huge plus!)
2. walk on the sidewalk ( not the lawn.)
3. ring door bell, AND knock ( they might not know that there is someone there... so you must do both.)
4. say "Trick or Treat" as loud as you can.
5. comment on their costume, or their decorations.
6. (optional) say " I am a volcano"
7. say "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween".
8. wave (optional)

He always had cute little comments about other costumes he saw and I found it adorable at how he awkwardly engaged with  the ones who opened their doors with candy.... priceless!

Some of my favorite quote from the night were

  • " I really like walking around in my favorite costume and having fun like this."
  • " It is important to BEWARE of cars that drive by and scary decorations"
  • " Do you know that volcanoes are very dangerous... but I am just a pretend one"
  • " I am so strong that I don't need help to carry my heavy bag"
  • " I just saw the most beautiful cupcake costume... it made me hungry"
what house now!

 Another great year was had.... and now the candy comas are in full swing!

this volcano is sugared out and ready for bed!

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  1. 6. (optional) say " I am a volcano"

    THAT is awesome :)
    Glad it was a great night!