Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent week 2 and 3

We are all really buzzing around here with our daily family advent activities~ each night I love to hear.. "what are we doing tonight?"

 the list from last week left off on number 8.... so lets pick it up from there.....
9.  Light Second Candle of Advent/ make popsicle stick snowflakes
10.Shop for Child in need and deliver to TOYS for TOTS
11.Paint popsicle stick snowflakes red
12. Lego Surprise (Bible Club)
13. Polar Express and popcorn
14.  Make borax snowflakes
15.  Paint and Stamp wrapping paper
16.  Light Third Candle of Advent (Fire and Hot Coco)
17.  Bundle up for a holiday lights drive
18.  Write Teacher holiday letters
19.  wrap teacher gifts
20.  Charlie Brown Christmas and popcorn
21.  Visit Santa

so far the activities that I have loved the most (off this list) have been the Toys for Tots donation night ( I was surprised by how thoughtful the boys were in being very particular with their gift... it was so sweet!) and the popsicle stick snowflakes (glue everywhere! ).... but we have a few more ahead of us, and I am sure that tonight I will hear the words "what are we doing tonight?" and I will smile and say " Something fun together, of course!"

Toys for Tots donations
well, I have some things to get together for tonight's activity... so, see you soon, friends.... and remember, enjoy this time with your loved ones.  Rest and relax in the season of Peace!

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  1. Holy Moly you are ambitious! I hope you guys had a nice Christmas!!