Monday, February 25, 2013

a date night

the best birthday present ever is one of a night of babysitting.
and since I have a friend who offered~ my hubby and I went on a Sunday Night date.

Of course the plans of seeing a movie were stomped on when we found out the movie was sold out.(what!?!?! who sells out movies on a Sunday night???  apparently, most theaters do!)
after accepting such news, we sat in the car questioning.... what now?

Well, we could go pick up some coffee beans, kale and milk at the store.
Maybe even stop at the supplements store, down the way, to pick up some much needed bottles...
about an hour into our "errand running date night" we pulled into Powell's for a simple time waster and book looking.

ahhhh... the book store.
ahhhh.... the Powell's Book Store.
new. used. multiple topics. and just fun things to look at.

Our date night suddenly had  a"pick me up" as we walked through many aisles filled high with books.... laughing. sharing. talking.  We barely finished in the kids section when we realized that the store was closing in 15 minutes.
How can that be.... I wasn't even close to the cookbooks, craft books... nor the gardening books.... I didn't even get to touch the bargain box!  One must visit the bargain box!

NO! NO! NO!  stores don't close at 7pm.... oh wait.  It's Sunday.
Sadly, with our copy of Treasure Island and The Iron Giant... I dragged my feet and whimpered to the check out counter... begging for them to stay open just a little bit longer.

As we got into the car I look at the hubby and said "Do people give gifts for half birthdays?"  and the hubby just tapped my head ( like a small puppy) and said " there, there.  let's take you home."

I replied back with genuine excitement "When can we do the bookstore again?"
he laughed saying "We need to get you out more often, don't we."



  1. Our last date landed us at Lowes. And, happily so. We need to get out more :)

  2. Sounds perfect to me! Except missing out on the bargain section! ;)

  3. Ha,ha. This is our default date: Powell's and PF Chang's across the street! How did I not know there was a bargain box at Powell's???