Monday, February 4, 2013

a day of hearts...

its time to start thinking valentine's day cards.
With a 4th grader~ I know that this will soon come to an end for one of my boys....
do they give out valentines in Jr.High???

You know me,
I don't like to spend money on cards... I will buy everything else "hearts" worthy, but for cards~ I like to make my own.  I know, logically, it makes no sense.... but~ its how we roll here at the homestead~ completely senseless!

once again, PINTEREST has saved the day....
seriously people, it is a love hate relationship with that site.... love because you find all theses amazing things ....hate because you find all these amazing things!  The time seems to fly as you "play" around looking at weddings ideas (and I'm already married!).

back to our Valentines.
for O~ we found some free star wars ones... that are 4th grader worthy!  Who knew that boys could have such an opinion on cards... but I showed him three different ones, and he said these ones were the "coolest".  I have to admit~ they are pretty awesome!  We added an additional "rebel seal" on the back to make it "authentic", cut them out... and now we need to sign and distribute! You can find the link to AleciaDawn Photography and her Star Wars awesomeness here.

for B~ since he cant really have candy (or should I say.... most candies) we went with a sweet little playdoh valentine found at SUPERMOM here .  They say "YOU BETTER SHAPE UP.... MY HEART IS SET ON YOU"
and sadly,
I am going to say this....
sadly, the entire time I was cutting and filling the paper bags I was singing this song.

oh wait... what's that.... Your gonna be singing it now... for the rest of the day.... whoooppssie!
my bad!  Have fun with that!
"your the one that I want.... your the one I really want... who hoo hoo... honey!"

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  1. Hahaha. I love that movie.

    I have not thought one bit about Valentine's Day yet, didn't I just put away the Christmas decorations???

    Pinterest is evil. :)