Wednesday, February 20, 2013

he keeps himself busy

so, as I have shared with you all many times...
Whenever I go away, somethings happens here...
and it always rocks my socks!

things get built....
and not small things...
but huge en-devours happen, and I come home to a whole new something or other.
(like a tree house in the back yard!)
well, this past trip... was no exception.
The boys decided to build my raised beds.
look at this space....
its almost finished....

but when I left, it was just a flat ground level where our play structure use to be....
and now its a beautiful extension to our already amazing garden space.
OH MY HEAD... is BUZZING with all the great produce I can grow this year!!!

the view from my kitchen window
::and the answer to the already popular question::
is NO!  My hubby is not for lease, sale or borrow!
well, maybe for borrow~ chocolate and macarons speak volumes.
just sayin'

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