Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a black paint pen

do you remember.... from "way back when"....
where they put colorful paint into a tube and attached a pen tip.
Paint pens where in all sorts of colors.. and had the infamous scent of highly toxic paint fumes.
Even now, I am sure you can hear the ticking taps as you shook the pen vigorously.
It was a mini paint can of joy... that every teenage girl would use to decorate their finger nails, their lockers, and even a few BFF notes passed in class.  If you had pink, purple and blue... you knew you could create anything your heart desired!

as a surprise to me.... they still make these pens.... and in my need to fix up a sink cabinet... I bought one.
As I sat on the floor, ready to paint a cupboard door.... I smiled, remembering the good ol' days.
~ I began to touch up a little black here, and bit of black there.

With half of the chore done... I wanted to share the difference a paint pen makes!

can you tell what half is done?
 lets all say it together now 
up close... see.... what a difference!
now, off to paint the other door before I forget what I was doing.

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