Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a little sign

our garden this year is growing like crazy!!!
The unusually warm spring allowed us to get our starts out sooner than usual.
We have enjoyed lettuce for almost a month now,
strawberries for a few weeks,
peas, raspberries and some broccoli for the last couple of days.

The new raised bed space is awesome~ but, it needed a little.... I dont know...
a creative touch.

so I started to add a bit more color.  I took a piece of an old 1x4 from the play structure that use to be in our garden space and decided to make up a little sign.  tracing some letters, some blue paint, and a black sharpie~ did the trick.... HERBS it is.
 keepin the creative juices going!  
ahhh.... let's all look at that pretty little sign.

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